" There isn’t such a thing that couldn’t be made cheaper and worse. Those who think just about finances while purchase are put in the role of exploitated by the producers."

                           Engineer John Justin(1819-1900)

   Sharing these words, ZAMAK METAL LTD has changed and improved itself. Our company has been working in PVC accessories market since 1990. Through this period we have been working with well-qualified staff; using modern, open-minded methods of marketing; making new investments, according to our future expectations. Our aim is the customer’s pleasure, high quality, systematic and fast service. Indeed, we have come to very important position. Nowadays, our company is well known not only in Turkey, but also in Eastern Europe and in countries of CIS.

   There has been no firm, except us, that works with 200 plastic and metallic injection molds and apparatus for accessories. Furthermore, we are selling not only our products, but also we have in our customer billfold such large companies, as HOPPE, Roto, KALE and METSA – the best of Europe’s accessories and furniture companies.

    In 2002 ZAMAK METAL has seen some disadvantages of old dealer system and began new ŢAFAKS JOINERY SYSTEM project. ŢAFAKS is able to give needed help and answers to any request from A to Z, because it has all needed technical ware and qualified departments. For long years of competition it is possible to be the best because of the strength you give to us. Every phase we reach, brings new and more difficult targets with it. Wishing to work on international standard criteria.

    Sincerely yours